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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Leadership (BS)

Program Educational Goals:

  1. Effectively Communicate
    • Synthesize and communicate, in written, oral and electronic formats, the most significant ideas and results of your work with clarity and precision.
    • Communicate thoughtful, constructive feedback to peers regarding the quality of their individual and group contributions, performance, and work products.
  2. Practice Positive Leadership and Followership
    • Effectively balance leadership and followership to affect positive group functioning.
    • Engage in questions of ethics and recognize the responsibilities of leaders to act responsibly towards themselves, their followers, and the larger community.
    • Use creative and critical thinking skills and knowledge of leadership to effectively contribute to a problem-solving team.
    • Accommodate individual differences (cultural, socioeconomic, global, etc.) in your decisions and actions.
  3. Engage in Thoughtful Self-Reflection and Self-Assessment
    • Critically analyze your leadership and followership performance, referencing leadership theory and practice concepts.
    • Effectively and regularly assess and adjust your leadership behaviors to more effectively meet the diverse (including cultural, socioeconomic, ethnic diversity) and changing needs of the communities/people/organizations with whom you’re interacting.
    • Develop an original and concise summary of your leadership beliefs.

University Requirements:

Major Requirements:

In order to fulfill DLE credit requirements (total 6 credits). Students are required to take an additional three-credit DLE course in addition to LEAD 490 listed below.

Cultural Impacts

Complete one of the following:

You and the Power of Leadership:

7 credits. Minimum grade of C- required in LEAD 100 LEAD 101 , and LEAD 110 

Your Emergence as an Inspiring Leader:

6 credits. Minimum grade of C- required in LEAD 200  and LEAD 209 

Enhancing Your Skills for Leading Change:

12 credits. Minimum grade of C- required in LEAD 300 LEAD 341 LEAD 404 , and LEAD 411 .

Demonstrating Your Leadership Capacity:

5 credits. Minimum grade of C- required in LEAD 490  and LEAD 495 

Area of Interest: Finding Your Leadership World

Students will complete 9 credits in one of the following areas of interest or complete a minor. 

Leading Environmental Actions:

9 credits.

Individually Designed Leadership Area of Interest:

9 credits. Students choose one course each from any three of the above areas of interest. 


After required courses are completed, sufficient elective credits must be taken to meet the minimum credit requirement for the degree.

Credits to Total a Minimum of 120

Last Revised for 2022-2023 Academic Year