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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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The College of Agriculture & Natural Resources (CANR) at the University of Delaware is dedicated to advancing human understanding through results-oriented science that addresses serious challenges to our global environment, natural resources, and sustainability efforts. There has never been a more pressing need for educated and committed agriculture and natural resource professionals than now. The job forecast for CANR graduates is especially strong due to increasing concerns over food production, world hunger, a sustainable environment, food safety, and global climate change. In fact, according to a recent USDA report, there are two jobs to every one graduate of agriculture and related sciences.

The College’s curricula provide a flexible program of study in high demand fields that are designed to educate students on rapid changes and improvements in agriculture and natural resources. Business, education, science, and technology are used to solve problems related to environmental protection, food and fiber production, as well as animal and plant health. Careers result in sales, marketing, management, science, technology, animal health, new product development, communications, and many other critical occupations.

Thousands of successful alumni around the world are evidence of the academic excellence rooted at the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources. A committed and renowned faculty engage students with hands-on experiences, research opportunities and connections to communities, both at home and overseas. Frequent consultation with faculty advisors help students progress toward achieving their educational goals. With a distinctive “350-acre classroom”, students are encouraged by faculty to actively test their knowledge on a distinctive working farm and gain practical experience in a real-world setting that is second to none.


Undergraduate majors are offered in agriculture and natural resources, animal biosciences, animal science, environmental and resource economics, food and agribusiness marketing and management, food science, insect ecology and conservation, landscape architecture, plant science, pre-veterinary medicine, statistics, sustainable food systems, and wildlife ecology and conservation.

For more information about the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, please visit the College web site at http://www.udel.edu/canr/.

Courses that a student chooses to take under the pass/fail option cannot be used to complete major or group requirements in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Pass/fail option courses can be counted only as free electives.

Academic Enrichment Opportunities

College faculty encourage and support students to pursue Degrees with Distinction, take courses in the University Honors Program, and participate in the Summer Scholars research program.

The Dean’s Scholar Program exists to serve the needs of students whose clearly defined educational goals cannot effectively be achieved by pursuing the standard curricula for all existing majors, minors, and interdepartmental majors sponsored by the University. Driven by an overarching passion or curiosity that transcends typical disciplinary bounds and curricula, a Dean’s Scholar’s intellectual interests may lead to broad interdisciplinary explorations of an issue or to more intense, in-depth studies in a single field at a level akin to graduate work. The Dean’s Scholar Program exists to serve the needs of these extraordinary students by allowing them to design, in consultation with faculty advisors, imaginative and rigorous individual plans of study to meet the total credit hours required for graduation. It is expected that the course of study outlined by the Dean’s Scholar candidate will represent a program that cannot be effectively achieved using other options already available within the University.

Dean’s Scholar Program

The Associate in Science Degree


The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources offers a two-year Associate in Science (AS) degree in Newark. This degree is ideal for students interested in agriculture who desire to spend only two years working toward a degree or who are unsure of their plans for higher education. Admission requirements for the associate degree are the same as for the baccalaureate degree.

Departments and Programs

Department of Animal and Food Sciences

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Department of Applied Economics and Statistics

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Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology

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Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

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Agriculture and Natural Resources Program

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