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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

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Telephone: (302) 831-2591
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The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures advances our students’ language proficiency, cultural competence, and international experience, preparing them for careers that require global perspectives and language expertise. Our graduates excel at communication, research, and bridging cultural divides, and go into a variety of fields including education, business, travel and tourism, fashion, policy, and journalism. Recent graduates have been accepted to top graduate programs in literature, law, and other fields.

Modern Languages

We offer BAs in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Spanish with Intensive Portuguese, Three Languages, and World Languages Education. Minors are offered in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. We also offer minors in Spanish for Healthcare and Spanish for Economics and Finance (for Lerner students). We also offer beginning and intermidate Korean and Hebrew.

The beginning and intermediate (100 and 200) levels focus on intensive skill-building in reading, writing, grammer, and conversation. We offer several winter and summer study abroad programs designed for beginning and early intermediate language learners.

Advanced undergraduate courses (300- and 400-level) reflect our faculty’s broad range of research and engagement in literary and cultural studies, film and media studies, and advanced language. These courses develop critical skills in analysis, interpertation, and presentation. Students continue to build linguistic proficiency through study and discussion of important issues, cultural artifacts, and texts that represent the history, arts, and cultures of countries around the world.

Ancient Languages

The BA in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies offers opportunities to study various aspects of ancient Greece and Rome and their wide-reaching effects in the modern world. In conjunction with studying the ancient Greek and Latin languages, students explore virtually every facet of life and thought in antiquity. The AGRS degree is interdisciplinary, adaptable to students’ inerests, and provides a firm foundation for a number of future career paths. A minor and Honors Degree progrma are also offered.

Three Languages

The Three Language major is unique to UD. It is a 49-credit major for students with a passion for language and travel. Students with an interest in this major should meet with the Three Languages major adviser in their first or (for World Scholars) second semester to plan their coursework and study abroad.

Language Teacher Education

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures administers the BA program in Language Education leading to certification for teaching French, German, Italian, Latin (including a concentration in Classics), and Spanish for grades K-12.

Game Studies

Our major and minor in Game Studies prepare majors for excellence in a broad range of careers in the video game industry and related fields. Today’s video game developers and publishers are not just looking for qualified programmers and designers, they need well-balanced experts in cultural awareness, marketing, management, education, communication and law. Meanwhile, the surging popularity of eSports, live streaming and indie game development shows how global game culture continues to grow and diversify in the 21st century. UD’s GAME degrees will provide graduates with a rigorous interdisciplinary background, unlocking the myriad skills that will allow them to conquer the challenges the video game industry faces every day.

Interdisciplinary Majors

We offer interdisciplinary majors in French/Political Science (BA) , German/Political Science (BA) , or Spanish/Political Science (BA) .

Placement and Duplicate Credit

Students with up to two years of high school foreign language or the equivalent will be places at the 105 level, students with three years will be places at the 106 level, and students with four or more years will be placed at the 107 level. Exceptions to this rule can be made only upon the recommendation of the Language Placement Advisor.  Click here for detailed information on placement, transfer credit, and AP/IB credit.

Study Abroad

We offer winter and summer programs for beginning students of language in Spain, Latin America, France, Martinique, Germany, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, and other sites. Intermediate language students may participate in winter and/or summer session programs in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Martinique, Panama, Spain, or Morocco. For advanced language students, we offer semester programs in Paris, Granada, Buenos Aires, Salzburg, Rome, and Akita, Japan. 

Please consult the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures or the Institute for Global Studies for further details on all programs.

Language Certificate Program

The Language Certificate Program and the Honors Language Certificate Program enhance the international dimension of the baccalaureate program for students in majors other than world languages by providing them with first-hand kowledge of a foreign language and a foreign culture.  Students may not pursue a certificate for a language in which they major or minor.  To earn the certificate, students take two courses in the target language in DLLC study abroad sessions in Tunisia, Brazil, China, France, Martinique, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, or Latin America, and two courses taken on the Delaware campus. In addition, we offer a certificate in German for Engineering, open to Engineering students only.

To earn a degree with a Language Certificate in Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish, a student is required to complete a designated sequence of four courses at the 200 and 300-levels with no grade below a C. This is accomplished through a combination of two courses taken during DLLC study dbroad sessions in Tunisia, Brazil, China, France, Martinique, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, or Latin America, and two courses taken on the Delaware campus.

To earn a degree with an Honors Language Certificate, a qualified student must take all four of the the courses for Honors credit, complete the designated sequence with no grade below a B-, and achieve a 3.000 cumulative grade index by the time of completion of the course requirements. Honors courses taken in the sequence leading to the Honors Language Certificate can also be applied toward those required for other forms of Honors recognition.

Global and Area Studies

Language majors and minors combine well with majors and minors in global and area studies, including African StudiesAsian StudiesEuropean StudiesGlobal StudiesIslamic StudiesJewish Studies, and Latin American & Iberian Studies. Area and global studies programs combined with language expertise, provide students with skills for working in international settings, research organizations, government, and non-governmental organizations.

Comparative Literature Program

Coordinator: Professor Deborah Steinberger
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Telephone: (302) 831-2044

Both an undergraduate major and minor in Comparative Literature are available. Comparative literature embraces the study of literary themes, forms, movements and relations, as well as the interrelations of literature and other disciplines. The program offers the student the opportunity, with the aid of an advisor, to construct a program reflecting individual areas of interest.

Students majoring or minoring in comparative literature must have a command of at least one foreign language at the advanced elective level. Majors are expected to make use of their command of foreign languages in comparative literature courses. In addition to the courses designed specifically for students specializing in comparative literature, the program offers a number of courses in cooperation with other departments (English, Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Anthropology, Philosophy, etc.).


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