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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Flexible Programs Promote Lifelong Learning

Associate in Arts Program

The University of Delaware, in partnership with Delaware Technical & Community College (DTCC), offers to all qualified applicants who are residents of the State of Delaware, the opportunity to pursue a two-year liberal arts program leading to the associate in arts degree. The Associate in Arts Program builds on the strengths of the former Parallel Program, which it replaces. The Associate in Arts Program is offered at UD Academic Centers on Delaware Technical and Community College campuses in Wilmington, Dover, and Georgetown.

The Associate in Arts Program is designed to enable students to complete sixty credits for an associate in arts degree in two years, and then to transition to the Newark campus to complete a bachelor’s degree. All of the sixty credits required for the associate in arts degree will apply toward a bachelor’s degree at the University of Delaware.

For more information: http://aap.udel.edu.

Associate in Arts Program  Requirements.

Articulation Agreements

Depending on the student’s choice of major, enrolling at Delaware Technical & Community College (DTCC) through an articulation agreement may be an alternative to the UD Associate in Arts Program. Articulation agreements are formal, program-to-program transfer agreements between the partner institution and the University of Delaware. Students following an agreement earn an associate degree from the partner institution and then apply to transfer to UD with junior status, to complete a bachelor’s degree in a specified, related UD major. Students who complete the partner institution’s degree with the minimum criteria as stated in the formal agreements are guaranteed admission to the matching major at UD; the credits earned at the partner institution are applied toward the completion of the bachelor’s degree at UD.

The University of Delaware has articulation agreements with DTCC in the following degree programs:

  • Accounting;
  • Biology (BA and BS);
  • Biochemistry;
  • Business Administration (Management, Marketing, Operations Management);
  • Chemistry;
  • Civil Engineering;
  • Computer Engineering;
  • Computer Science (BA and BS);
  • Criminal Justice;
  • Early Childhood Education;
  • Electrical Engineering;
  • Finance;
  • Health Behavior Science;
  • Hospitality Business Management;
  • Human Services;
  • Information Systems;
  • Marine Science;
  • Medical Laboratory Science;
  • Nursing; and
  • Sport Management.

The number of articulation agreements between the two institutions continues to grow.

The main difference between starting at DTCC and following an articulation agreement, as opposed to the UD Associate in Arts Program, is in which institution awards the two-year degree: in an articulation agreement the first half of the degree is awarded by DTCC, while in the Associate in Arts Program the degree is awarded by UD. Another significant difference is that only applicable courses, not grades, transfer to UD so students admitted via articulation agreements begin their bachelor’s degree GPA at UD when they enroll their junior year. However, the programs are similar in that in both options students would begin studies at a DTCC campus location.

Students who wish to pursue the requirements within an approved articulation agreement should apply for initial (first-year) admission to DTCC, and should work closely with a DTCC advisor to complete the process for continuing toward completion at UD. Not all majors are available at all DTCC campuses; see the list at https://www.dtcc.edu/academics/transfer-options/connected-degrees for location information.

The University of Delaware also has articulation agreements with Cecil College and a few select other institutions. A complete list of UD’s approved articulation agreements is available at http://provost.udel.edu/content/articulation-agreements.