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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Telephone: (302) 831-2653
Faculty Listing: http://www.mathsci.udel.edu/people/faculty

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers BA and BS degrees in Mathematics, BS degrees in Actuarial Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics and Economics, and Quantitative Biology, and BA and BS degrees in Mathematics Education at the secondary level. Honors and 4+1 versions of these programs are also offered, as is a minor in mathematics. 

The Department offers a spectrum of courses at all levels that prepare students for industry careers or postgraduate study. The Department has a substantial and diverse research portfolio and supports undergraduate participation in research. The Department also sponsors and facilitates student organizations and student participation in national competitions.

The Department accepts changes of major into our undergraduate programs on a rolling basis. Any student seeking a major in the department should plan to complete the MATH 241 , MATH 242 , and MATH 243  calculus sequence and MATH 210  (Discrete Mathematics) as early as possible.

Courses For Other Majors

In addition to the courses for its own majors, the Department of Mathematical Sciences offers courses specifically designed and taught for students in other majors who need to use mathematical techniques in their studies and careers.

The three-semester calculus sequence MATH 241 MATH 242 MATH 243  is the traditional basis for programs in the physical sciences and engineering. Students who plan to take advanced math courses are advised to take this sequence. The alternative calculus sequence MATH 221 MATH 222  and the finite mathematics course, MATH 230 , are designed for students in the behavioral, management, and social sciences.

Students are permitted to enroll in MATH 221  or MATH 241  only if they have scored high enough on the Math Placement Test. See the Department’s website for detailed information about the placement system. Enrollment in MATH 222 MATH 242 , or MATH 243  requires completing preceding courses in the sequence, including credits earned through secondary programs (such as AP tests) or transfer from another institution.

MATH 113  and MATH 114  serve to instill required skill levels for students not expecting to take MATH courses at the 200 or higher levels. Students should check with their home department or academic advisor for the applicable mathematics requirement.

Credit for MATH Courses in Special Situations

There are special rules about credits for MATH courses in the following situations:

In such situations, credits for both courses may be counted towards the university minimum total credit requirement. However, application of these credits to specific degree requirements is at the discretion of the department or college that awards the degree. The Department of Mathematical Sciences does not apply credit for both courses in the above situations toward the requirements of any major or minor it offers.


    MajorHonors DegreeMinor4+1