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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of History

Telephone: (302) 831-2371
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The Department of History at the University of Delaware offers undergraduate majors an opportunity to study with leading scholars from the United States and around the world. Faculty historians teach subjects that range from Chinese antiquity to modern America, from the city of Rome to a continent-wide inquiry into Pan-Africanism. For students seeking careers as social studies educators, the History Education program prepares candidates to graduate directly into a teaching job. For students interested in archival work and public history, the Museum Studies Program (see below) connects students with summer internships and other opportunities. In addition to the general major, students can concentrate in the histories of America, Europe, or the World. Faculty work closely with all students to fulfill their goals through interdepartmental or double majors that promote mastery in multiple academic disciplines. Past graduates have thrived by combining the history major with political science, pre-law, public administration, literature, economics, and global studies. Courses in the program offer honors sections and Honors Degrees are available for majors and students in all concentrations. For those with a research interest, the College of Arts and Sciences offers a competitive, funded summer research program. Every summer, history majors conduct archival research with faculty members through this program. Many of these summer projects, and also coursework conducted during the semester, turn into senior theses, part of the process of earning a degree with Distinction.

Graduates report that studying the past at Delaware has prepared them well for all kinds of futures. History courses refine analytical, writing, and presentation skills that prepare former majors to make a mark in careers as varied as history teaching, law, government, non-profit administration, business, public policy, theology, and other fields. 

Irish Studies Program

The Irish Studies Minor relies on available courses from HIST and ENGL supplemented by courses chosen by students in consultation with the Head of the Program.  A vast majority of courses can be accepted so long as the major paper/project/assignment for the course can be completed on an Irish topic. For further information, contact Professor John Patrick Montaño by email at or by phone at (302) 831-0804.

Museum Studies Program

Telephone:(302) 831-1251
Email:Professor Kenneth Cohen and Meghan Hutchins

The Minor in Museum Studies welcomes students who want to explore museums and other institutions that collect and share artifacts, documents, visual materials with the public.  Museums are the places where Americans gather to refresh their minds and senses, and where they share stories of the past and present.  The United States alone has more than 30,000 museums; more Americans visit museums each year than attend all professional sporting events combined.  And a recent study shows that 81 per cent of Americans regard museums as more trustworthy than all other sources of historical information.

The Museum Studies minor is open to all undergraduates. It consists of eighteen credit hours. Nine credits are taken as requirements: MSST 203  Introduction to Museums (three credits), three credits from the list of Museum Studies core courses, and one three-credit internship.   Museum Studies core courses train students in best practices in museum education and public programs; collections development and care; the use of digital technologies in museums; and administration. Many courses are taught by area museum professionals and emphasize hands-on learning.  The other nine credits can be taken from a list of approved courses from throughout the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Whether you are interested in exploring museum careers, or simply want to become a more knowledgeable visitor or volunteer, the Museum Studies minor offers a behind-the-scenes look at museums in the United States and around the world. Visit the website of the Museum Studies Program ( to learn about our work and opportunities for study.


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