Oct 20, 2020  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Technical Electives for Civil Engineering

The required course curriculum gives students a broad introduction to all the major areas of civil engineering offered by the program: Environmental Engineering and Water Resources, Hydraulics and Ocean Engineering, Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, and Transportation and Civil Infrastructure Systems, Railroad Engineering, and Construction Engineering.

In addition, four technical elective courses in the Civil Engineering curriculum give students the opportunity to complete their education by focusing in an area of special interest. The technical electives can also be chosen to provide a more general civil engineering education. technical electives must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Technical electives will include courses from engineering, mathematics, and the sciences, or by the approval of the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Committee.
  2. All technical electives must be 300-level or higher, or by approval of the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Committee.
  3. Two out of four technical electives must be 400-level or higher CIEG courses.
  4. Three out of four technical electives must be taken at UD.

The following is a list of technical electives approved for civil engineering. Some of these courses may not be offered a particular year. Some courses offered in other departments may also be approved as technical electives, per the requirements stated above. Students should check with their advisors before selecting courses.


This list is not exhaustive. Consult your advisor.