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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Biological Sciences

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The Department of Biological Sciences offers two degrees with four majors and concentrations. A BA degree may be earned in Biological Sciences, Biological Sciences Education, and an Honors BA degree may be earned in Biological Sciences. A BS degree in Biological Sciences may be earned with a concentration in Pharmaceutical Sciences or Cellular & Molecular Biology & Genetics. In addition the department offers two minors: Biological Sciences and Computational Biology.

Students interested in marine biology should contact the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment. Students interested in ecology should contact the department of Entomology and Wildlife Conservation in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Biological Sciences Degree Programs

During the freshman year, biological science majors for the BA, BS, and Biological Sciences Education degrees ordinarily take courses in biology, chemistry, English, foreign language, and mathematics through calculus. Students must consult with their faculty advisors to select wisely from the variety of advanced courses and electives available to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Many opportunities exist for research experience with a faculty member; in addition, an opportunity for teaching experience exists. Up to four credits of research or independent study (BISC 366 , BISC 466 , or BISC 468 ) may be counted toward the 33 credits required for the BA majors in Biological Sciences, the 43 credits required for the BS majors in Biological Sciences, or the 33 credits required for Biological Sciences Education. Some biology-related courses in other departments may be counted toward the major (limit six credits).

A grade of C- or better must be obtained in all biology courses that are used to satisfy the requirements for the Biological Sciences BA, BS, and Biological Sciences Education degrees. A grade of D (not D-) or better must be obtained in chemistry, physics, and mathematics courses required for the Biological Sciences majors and minor. A grade of C or better is required for all required courses in the concentration in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Biology courses (other than BISC 100 ) at the 100-level may not be counted toward these degrees.

Concentration in Cellular & Molecular Biology & Genetics

Biology is an extraordinarily broad discipline and specialization in more focused areas has become desirable for increasing numbers of students. The BS concentration Cellular & Molecular Biology & Genetics maintains large portions of the traditional BA degree while offering the opportunity for highly motivated students to pursue a somewhat narrower curriculum. This concentration requires more credit hours in the major.

Concentration in Biotechnology (Not Accepting New Students at This Time)

The Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Biotechnology is a four-year program that emphasizes laboratory courses/experiences in various aspects of molecular, cellular, and physical biosciences. It is intended for students who hope to be employed in a laboratory setting after graduation and for those who will be continuing their education at the graduate level in a related discipline.

During the first two years at the University, students interested in biotechnology generally take the same courses as those pursuing a BA degree in biological sciences. Students are not admitted into the program until the fall semester of the third year. Students apply for admission in the spring of the sophomore year. Admission is usually limited to 15 students per class. A minimum grade-point index of 2.5 is required for application.

Eligibility for admission to the junior year of the Biotechnology program will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Minimal cumulative index; first three semesters - 2.5
  2. Minimal index in the sciences; first three semesters - 2.5
  3. A grade of C or better in BISC 207 , BISC 208 , BISC 401  and BISC 300  (or other bio course if BISC 300  is not taken).
  4. Within the pool of eligible applicants, admission into the program will be determined by academic achievement, and priority will be given to full-time University sophomores with a stated interest in obtaining employment in biotechnology or in pursuing a graduate degree in a related discipline.

Concentration in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Biological Sciences, with a concentration in Pharmaceutical Sciences, is a joint program with Thomas Jefferson University College of Health Professions (TJU) which leads to the award of an undergraduate BS degree and a graduate degree in Pharmacy (PharmD degree). There are UD and TJU components to this program. The UD component of the program consists of the first three years  of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Sciences. Students must meet the requirement for Biology BS concentrations. During the fifth semester at UD, and upon final recommendation by the UD/Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) Joint Admissions Committee, students will be admitted to the TJU PharmD program and to the BS Biological Sciences degree with a concentration in Pharmaceutical Sciences. These students will then complete their sixth semester at UD and spend the remaining four years at TJU where they will complete their remaining undergraduate credits and graduate coursework leading to the PharmD degree. The undergraduate courses taken at TJU in the first year (and if necessary, in the second year) will replace courses students would normally take during their senior year in the Biological Sciences BS degree program. These courses must be formally transferred from TJU to UD via the transfer credit process. Furthermore, the curriculum allows students who opt not to continue into the PharmD component of the degree to complete the Biological Sciences BA requirements within one year upon their return to UD.


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