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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Medical Laboratory Science/Medical Sciences 4+1 (BS/MS)

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Undergraduate Phase

While completing the BS in Medical Laboratory Science degree, students will take six (6) credits of graduate-level courses in lieu of regularly required undergraduate courses in the major.  The six credits will be counted toward both the Bachelor of Science degree and the Master of Science.   Following completion of the Baccalaureate degree, students will complete an additional 26 credits of coursework to meet the course requirements for the MMS degree.  The suggested sequence is as follows: 

  • MMSC 603 - Research Design (3cr.)
  • MMSC 690 - Clinical and Molecular Cell Biology (3cr.)

Graduate Core Courses

Students must complete 12 credits of graduate core coursework, including 3.0 total credits of seminar.  Some of these can be completed during the undergraduate phase of the 4+1 program.

  • MMSC 603 - Research Design (3cr.)
  • MMSC 604 - Methods in Bioscience Education (3cr.)
  • MMSC 605 - Regulatory and Fiscal Issues in Laboratory Management (3cr.)
  • MMSC 803 - Graduate Research Seminar (1cr.)

Fieldwork Experiences

Students must earn 8 credits in the fieldwork experiences category through an individualized combination of the following courses: Advanced Practica, Laboratory Education and Administration, Laboratory Administration and Management.

  • MMSC 610 - Advanced Practicum I (2cr.)
  • MMSC 611 - Advanced Practicum II (2cr.)
  • MMSC 613 - Advanced Practicum III (2cr.)
  • MMSC 614 - Advanced Practicum IV (2cr.)
  • MMSC 631 - Laboratory Education Administration and Istruction (2cr.)
  • MMSC 632 - Laboratory Administration and Management (2cr.)

Scholarly Product & Concentration Electives

To meet the scholarly product requirement, students may complete a literature review/health services/ outcomes based research project course MMSC 800 (6 credits total) or engage in a wet-bench research project with a selected research mentor MMSC 868 (6 credits total).  Students should meet with the MMS program director to determine which course selection best meets their educational needs.

Students are required to complete 6 credits worth of concentration electives.  See the MMS program handbook for a list of potential concentration elective courses. Selections are tailored to meet each student’s educational goals.  Some concentration electives may be completed during the undergraduate phase.

  • MMSC 815 - Contemporary Topics Research (6cr.)
  • MMSC 868 - Resesarch (3cr.)

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