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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Animal Science (BS)

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Program Educational Goals:

  1. Integrate and apply knowledge of animal sciences in and across the core areas of animal science such as physiology, nutrition, genetics, health, behavior and environmental management.
  2. Think critically; use quantitative reasoning, skeptical inquiry and the scientific approach to solve problems in the animal sciences.
  3. Effectively communicate animal science issues and perspectives orally and through writing
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of major scientific concepts, social, economic and ethical implications in the animal sciences
  5. Work collaboratively and independently, learning from diverse perspectives to assimilate knowledge and synthesize new solutions and ways of thinking about current challenges and issues in the animal sciences.

University Requirements:

Second Writing Requirement:

One of the following (minimum grade of C-):

Major Requirements:

Students may not minor in Animal Science or major in both Animal Science AND Pre-veterinary Medicine or Animal BioscienceA minimum grade of C- is required for all ANFS, PLSC and AGRI credits used to satisfy the major requirements.  


After required courses are completed, sufficient credits must be taken to meet the minimum requirements for the degree. ANFS 399  may be taken P/F for a maximum of two credits toward the degree. No more than five credits of ANFS X66 may be counted towards the major.

Students should consult with their advisor regarding the choice of elective credits.

Credits to Total a Minimum of 124

Last Revised for 2022-2023 Academic Year

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