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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Data Science/Applied Mathematics (MS/PhD)

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Please see the Program Policy Document  for more information.

MS/PhD Dual Degree Program

Credit Requirements and Degrees

In order to satisfy the requirements for the dual degree program, a minimum of 57 credits of coursework must be completed, while satisfying the minimum GPA requirements.

Upon completion, the student will earn the MSDS and the PhD in Applied Mathematics.  The student is awarded the MSDS and PhD simultaneously upon completion of the PhD requirements and completing the appropriate forms.  The PhD is awarded upon completion of all requirements for that degree and completing all required paperwork.

MSDS Degree Requirements

A total of 33 credits is required for the degree as described in the program policy statement for that degree.  The student may apply 18 credits of MATH courses (6 credits from the required list and 12 credits of electives) to both the MSDS and the PhD.  Another 6 credits selected from the non-MATH required courses of the MSDS may be used as electives for the PhD.  This leaves 9 credits, including the ethics course requirement, that may only be used for the MSDS degree.

PhD Degree Requirements

A total of 48 credits of coursework must be completed for the PhD in Applied Mathematics, as well as all of the requirements as outlined in the program policy statement for that degree.  A total of 18 credits of MATH courses may be applied to the MSDS degree, and two more non-MATH courses from the required course list of the MSDS may be applied to the PhD degree as electives.

Eligible MSDS Options

Only the non-thesis option for the MSDS may be used for this dual degree program.  University of Delaware students in a combined bachelors and MSDS 4+1 program are not eligible for the PhD in Applied Mathematics/MSDS dual degree program.

Satisfactory Progress Toward the Degrees

The MSDS+PhD dual degree program will follow the University of Delaware, Graduate College recommended policy for determining students’ failure to make satisfactory progress towards degree requirements and time limits for completion.

Students must satisfy the grade point average (GPA) requirements for the MSDS, and the GPA requirements for the PhD in order to earn both degrees.  The Graduate Studies Committee of the DMS shall monitor the student’s progress toward the PhD degree.  The MSDS Executive Committee shall monitor progress toward that degree.

Students are expected to be enrolled on a full-time basis (9 credits per term).  Financial aid from the DMS requires full time study.  Students must maintain continuous enrollment in every regular semester (fall and spring) throughout their program unless by approved leave of absence. This can be accomplished by registering for research or dissertation credit during the time the dissertation project is underway, or by registering for sustaining status. See the catalog for the university policy on sustaining status, and regarding leave of absence.

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