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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sports Health/Athletic Training 3+2 Program

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Program Overview:

In an attempt to capture and cultivate students interested in Athletic Training and who come to the University of Delaware as freshman students, this hybrid “3+2” model has been created whereby students will matriculate for their first 3 years as undergraduate students gaining the necessary pre-requisite coursework and checking off additional admissions requirements as needed for the entry-level master’s degree program in Athletic Training.  It is anticipated that the initial 28 credit hours of graduate coursework taken during the 1styear of the entry-level master’s degree program in Athletic Training would be used to satisfy the 120 minimum credit hours required for the baccalaureate degree (Sports Health), with the additional coursework credit hours being used to satisfy the graduate degree.  Because there are no other Athletic Training education programs in the State of Delaware from which students could feed into UD’s entry-level MS-AT program, this unique “3+2” model will provide students who are native to UD an opportunity to merge directly into the MS-AT program if all admissions requirements are satisfied.  Students in Sports Health should seek academic guidance from faculty/staff members in Athletic Training to insure that all requirements are satisfied and will be directed to apply for admission to the MS-AT program during their 3rdyear.  The following combines the coursework requirements of the two programs (Sports Health + Athletic Training): 

University Requirement:

  • ENGL 110 - Seminar in Composition (3cr.) (C- minimum)
  • First Year Seminar (FYS) (0-4 credits)
  • Discovery Learning Experience (DLE) (three credits)
  • Multicultural Requirement (three credits)
  • Breadth Requirements (C- minimum): ◦Creative Arts and Humanities (three credits)
  • History and Cultural Change (three credits)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (three credits)
  • Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Technology (three credits)
  • Capstone Experience 

Sports Health (3 years)

Major Requirements:

Minimum grade C- in all requirements (105 credits).

  • BHAN 311 - Issues in Health Behavior Science (3cr.)
  • BISC 207 - Introductory Biology I (4cr.)


  • CHEM 103 - General Chemistry (3cr.)


  • CHEM 133 - General Chemistry Laboratory (1cr.)


  • HDFS 201 - Life Span Development (3cr.)
  • HLTH 241 - Ethical Aspects of Healthcare (3cr.)
  • KAAP 106 - Seminar for Pre-Athletic Training I (1cr.)
  • KAAP 107 - Seminar for Pre-Athletic Training II (1cr.)
  • KAAP 155 - Lifestyle Awareness - Athletic Trainers (3cr.)
  • KAAP 206 - Seminar for Pre-Athletic Training III (1cr.)
  • KAAP 207 - Seminar for Pre-Athletic Training IV (1cr.)
  • KAAP 210 - Emergency Management of Injuries and Illnesses (3cr.)
  • KAAP 220 - Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology I (3cr.)
  • KAAP 221 - Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology II (3cr.)
  • KAAP 305 - Fundamentals of Sports Health Care (3cr.)
  • KAAP 306 - Seminar for Pre-Athletic Training V (1cr.)
  • KAAP 307 - Seminar for Pre-Athletic Training VI (1cr.)
  • KAAP 320 - Principles of Strength/Conditioning (4cr.)
  • KAAP 400 - Research Methods (3cr.)
  • KAAP 426 - Biomechanics I (4cr.)
  • KAAP 430 - Exercise Physiology (4cr.)
  • KAAP 463 - Practicum in Exercise Science (1 to 6cr.)


  • MATH 115 - Pre-Calculus (3cr.)


  • MATH 221 - Calculus I (3cr.)


  • MMSC 200 - The Language of Medicine (3cr.)
  • NTDT 200 - Nutrition Concepts (3cr.)
  • NTDT 310 - Nutrition and Activity (3cr.)


  • PHYS 201 - Introductory Physics I (3cr.)


  • PHYS 221 - Introductory Physics Laboratory I (1cr.)


  • PSYC 100 - General Psychology (3cr.)
  • STAT 200 - Basic Statistical Practice (3cr.)

Athletic Training (2 years)

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Please see the Program Policy Document  for more information.


* During the final semester in the MS-AT degree program all students will be required to do a semester-long full-immersion clinical experience at a site of their choice (students register for KAAP 694 ).

CAATE accreditation standards do not allow for any deviations in our planned program of study. 

Last Revised for 2021-2022 Academic Year


3+2 Last Revised 2018-2019 Academic Year

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