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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Technical Electives for Biomedical Engineering

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Approved Electives:

Technical electives in the Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering curriculum provide the students with an opportunity to pursue areas of particular interest. Technical electives must meet the following criteria: (1) being primarily technical, (2) having a skill or theory component, and (3) being above an introductory level or having a high level of technical rigor. Because biomedical engineers work in a wide range of technical areas, the approved list of technical electives includes upper level courses across departments.

Biomedical Engineering Technical Elective list

At least six credits, usually two courses, must be selected from the Biomedical Engineering Technical Elective List (excluding BMEG 366  or BMEG 466 ):

Engineering list

At least three credits, usually one course, must be selected from the following Engineering list (or the BME list above):

Biomedical Engineering:

  • A total of 3 credits of independent study (BMEG 366  or BMEG 466 ) may count toward the technical electives requirements.

Chemical Engineering:

Civil and Environmental Engineering:

Computer and Information Sciences:

Electrical Engineering:

Materials Science and Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering:

Additional technical elective courses

Six credits, usually two courses, may be selected from the STEM departments (or from any of the lists above):







  • Credit(s): 3
  • STAT 601 - Probability Theory for Operations Research and Statistics
  • STAT 602 - Mathematical Statistics
  • STAT 603 - Vector Spaces and Optimization
  • STAT 611 - Regression Analysis
  • STAT 612 - Advanced Regression Techniques
  • STAT 613 - Applied Multivariate Statistics
  • STAT 615 - Design and Analysis of Experiments
  • STAT 616 - Advanced Design of Experiments
  • STAT 617 - Multivariate Methods
  • STAT 619 - Time Series Analysis
  • STAT 620 - Nonparametric Statistics
  • STAT 621 - Survival Analysis
  • STAT 656 - Biostatistics
  • STAT 657 - Statistics for Earth Sciences
  • STAT 659 - Spatial Statistics
  • STAT 674 - Applied Data Base Management
  • STAT 675 - Logistic Regression


(topic must be approved by BME Undergraduate Education Committee)


Students may take up to three credits of Independent Study (BMEG 366 , BMEG 466 ) as an engineering technical elective. The independent study project must be approved by the faculty advisor and by the BME Undergraduate Education Committee representative. Additional upper-level and graduate-level courses may also be reviewed and approved by the BME Undergraduate Education Committee.