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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Management Information Systems/Information Management and Information Systems (BS/BM)

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The University of Delaware (UD) and the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Chengdu, P.R. China (SWUFE) propose to form a Joint Educational Institute (JEI) for the purpose of creating dual degree undergraduate programs that will be recognized by the Ministry of Education in the P.R. China. The name of the Collaboration shall be the “SWUFE-UD Joint Educational Institute of Data Science” of SWUFE and the Parties will jointly offer undergraduate Degrees in Operations Management, Finance, and Management Information Systems.

The UD degree awarded will be known as B.S. in Management Information Systems. The SWUFE award will be known as a Bachelor of Management in Information Management and Information Systems (information systems and data management).

The jointly developed education programs and all training programs, curriculum and teaching content will meet the academic standards of UD as well as the requirements of its own country. Students enrolled in the JEI programs will receive the same UD degree as students enrolled in UD’ standard program. Such degree will be recognized in students’ home countries as well. The Collaboration and its Programs will be carried out at the SWUFE campus, Chengdu, China. Going abroad to study at the UD campus shall not be a necessary condition for the awarding of the UD degrees.

General Education Basic Core:

Required Credits: 60

  • CST904 - (JAVA SE) Object-Oriented Programming, 3cr.
  • ENG115 - Intensive Reading I, 4cr.
  • ENG116 - Intensive Reading II, 4cr.
  • ENG117 - Practical English Writing, 3cr.
  • ENG313 - Oral English I, 2cr.
  • ENG314 - Oral English II, 2cr.
  • IPT101 - Thought Morals Accomplishment and Basic Law, 3cr.
  • IPT102 - Outline of Chinese Modern History, 3cr.
  • IPT103 - Basic Principles of Marxism, 3cr.
  • IPT104 - Introduction to MAO Zedong Thought and Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, 5cr.
  • IPT200 - Political Education, 2cr.
  • JOB100  - Career Planning and Entrepreneurship Foundation of College Students, 2cr.
  • MAT901 - Mathematical Analysis I (English), 5cr.
  • MAT902 - Mathematical Analysis II (English), 5cr.
  • MAT913 - Advanced Algebra I, 4cr.
  • MAT321 - Probability Theory, 4cr.
  • MTT100 - Military Theory and Training, 2cr.
  • PED100 - Physical Education I, 1cr.
  • PED200 - Physical Education II, 1cr.
  • PED300 - Physical Education III, 1cr.
  • PED400 - Physical Education IV, 1cr.

Foundational Core:

Required Credits: 22

  • Credit(s): 3
  • BBA903 - Organizational Behavior (English), 3cr.
  • ECO100 - Political Economics, 4cr.
  • ECO903 - Microeconomics (English), 3cr.
  • ECO904 - Macroeconomics (English), 3cr.
  • FIN900 - The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets (English), 3cr.
  • STA302 - Mathematical Statistics, 3cr.

Data Science Module:

Required Credits: 18

Major Compulsory Core:

Required Credits: 12

Major Core:

Required Credits: 36

General Education Core:

Required Credits: 13

  • Credit(s): 3
  • Credit(s): 3
  • HUM101 - Logic and Critical Thinking, 2cr.
  • HUM103 - Multicultural: Advanced Readings in Chinese Culture, 2cr.
  • HUM104 - Psychology Health and Development for University Students, 2cr.
  • HUM105 - A History of Scientific Technology, 2cr.
  • HUM107 - Selected Readings from Chinese and Foreign Classic Literature, 2cr.
  • HUM108 - Artistic Cultivation and Aesthetic Experience, 2cr.
  • HUM118 - Modern Science and Artificial Intelligence, 2cr.
  • HUM204 - Sociological Thought and Methods, 3cr.
  • HUM205 - Introduction to Psychology, 3cr.
  • Credit(s): 3

Practice Core:

Required Credits: 12

  • PRT110 - Graduation Internship, 4cr.
  • PRT111 - Thesis, 4cr.
  • PRT112 - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice, 4cr.

Credits to Total a Minimum of 176

Last Revised for 2020-2021 Academic Year

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