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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Delaware Innovation Fellows

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Course of Study Requirements:

The Delaware Innovation Fellows program brings together and supports creative, innovative and entrepreneurial students from all undergraduate majors. Program participants are immersed in a welcoming, like-minded, but diverse community of innovators and participate in a variety of currlcular and co-curricular offerings to develop the mindset, skillset and means needed to create value from new ideas and realize their potential.

The Delaware Innovation Fellows Program consists of 3 phases.

Phase I: Community Building and Immersion

This phase builds close connections and a sense of community among program participants. It also positions participants to maximize their acquisition of means (knowledge, skills and connections) for successfully putting ideas into action during their time at the University of Delaware.

Phase I requirements include participation in:

  1. the Ignite! early move in program, and
  2. the World Changers living learning community.

Participants are also required to earn a passing grade in a year‐long sequence of two, 1‐credit professional development courses (special sections are offered for innovation fellows only):

Phase II: Exploration

This phase promotes self‐exploration and interest discovery by prompting participants to examine questions like: Who am I?, What do I care about?, What don’t I know?, How are creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship related to my professional interests?

Phase II requirements include:

  1. participation in 3 mandatory, community enhancing, self‐discovery events;
  2. self-guided participation in, and reflection on, a minimum of 5 innovation‐oriented activities, and
  3. declaration of a minimum of 9 credits of planned/approved coursework pertinent to innovation and entrepreneurship, which will typically involve either:
  • the selection of one of seven innovation and entrepreneurship‐related certificates - Design & Creative Making; Eco‐Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial Leadership; Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Food Systems Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Health; Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, or
  • the selection of a minor or major in entrepreneurship, including social entrepreneurship.

Phase III: Innovation in Action

This phase provides first‐hand experience with creative problem solving and value creation from new ideas.

Phase III requirements include:

  1. active pursuit of an innovative new idea (either independently or within the context of existing programs like VentureOn and FirstStep),
  2. presentation at an end of year showcase, and
  3. completion of the 9+ credits of innovation and entrepreneurship coursework declared previously. 

Last Revised 2020-2021 Academic Year

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