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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Cognitive Science Certificate

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Certificate in Cognitive Science

Matriculated graduate students in doctoral or masters programs may apply for admission to the cognitive science certificate program. Applications should be submitted to the steering committee for the certificate program (via the chair of Linguistics and Cognitive Science).

  • Requirements are completion of 15 credits of graduate level courses selected from the list below.
  • Students will take 9-12 hours outside of their home department.
  • Student must, in consultation with their major advisor, submit a plan of study to the cognitive science certificate steering committee as early as possible. The student must have complete no more than six credits of course work towards the certificate when the plan of study is presented. The plan proposed must be accompanied by a cohesive rationale for the specific set of courses included in the plan. The plan must designate a member of the faculty from one of the relevant departments other than the student’s home department as the certificate advisor, who must approve the plan of study. (Some grandfathering of current students will be possible as the new program takes effect.)
  • The cognitive science steering committee must review each student’s accomplishments at or before the time the student receives the terminal degree in the home department and, if the student has fulfilled the requirements, approve the awarding of the certificate.
  • The courses below are those that qualify for the program. Additional courses may be added to the list or removed from the last during each academic year, with oversight of the steering committee.

List of qualifying courses for the Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science (New courses may be proposed annually by the participating departments.):