May 29, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Legal Studies Program

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Director: Professor Wayne Batchis

The minor in Legal Studies provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to explore the law from an interdisciplinary perspective. The law is central to theories and research in the social sciences, humanities, business, and public policy. Courses concerned with law are available in a variety of departments including political science, sociology, communication, economics, history, accounting (business law), finance (corporate governance), applied economics and statistics (environmental law), marine studies, education, and urban affairs.

The minor program provides coherence and guidance in the study of law in at least four ways. First, each student minoring in Legal Studies is exposed to the real life practice of law and its impact on daily life through the one-credit weekly lecture series “The Law and You.” . Second, the minor provides students with an opportunity to examine the law from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Third, the program offers both a substantive introduction to law and an interdisciplinary introductory course in legal studies. Finally, it offers an interdisciplinary capstone experience with a senior seminar that requires a research paper.

This program is designed for any student who is interested in examining the law and its influence on society. Legal studies is not a “pre-law” program, and it does not offer paralegal training. Because law is relevant to virtually all fields – academic and vocational – it is an appropriate and valuable minor for all students. The program is also a suitable minor for those who plan to pursue professional legal training. For information on Pre-Law Advisement, consult the Legal Professional Preparatory Program (LP3) web site at at

In addition to offering a minor in Legal Studies, the program sponsors faculty seminars, a lecture series in the law, a student conference and research paper competition, and films.



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