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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Horn Program in Entrepreneurship

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The Entrepreneurship major empowers students by providing them with knowledge, skills, personal capacities, connections, and access to resources needed to create, deliver, and capture value from new ideas. ENTR majors learn how to recognize opportunity, generate ideas, design and validate innovative business models, make evidence-based decisions, influence and lead others, and solve complex problems. Through firsthand experiences gained from the program, ENTR students are well positioned to launch startups, drive innovation for established companies, and develop sustainable solutions to societal problems.

Major requirements include the completion of an immersive, experiential learning capstone and 15 credits in a well-defined area of study. 


The minor in Entrepreneurship is designed for students who want to enhance their academic area of study with creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship education. This minor prepares students to launch a startup, work in a startup and drive innovation in an established company. The minor emphasizes experiential learning and provides students with firsthand experience in developing innovative ideas and putting them into action.

The minor in Social Entrepreneurship is ideal for students who want to address societal or environmental problems relevant to their major field of study. Students learn how to apply techniques used by startup companies to develop creative and sustainable solutions. This minor prepares students to launch social ventures, including community service projects, nonprofit initiatives and mission-driven businesses.