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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Theatre

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Theatre (MFA)

Telephone: (302) 831-1894
Faculty Listing: http://www.rep.udel.edu/education/undergraduate-offerings/Pages/undergraduate-faculty.aspx

Program Overview

**This program is not currently operating and is not currently accepting students**

The Department of Theatre offers graduate study leading to a Master of Fine Arts degree with concentrations in acting, technical production, and stage management. The Professional Theatre Training Program (PTTP) involves intensive studio work and participation with REP, UD’s resident professional theatre company, designed to prepare students for creative careers in the professional theatre.

Once every three years, after an extensive search conducted throughout the United States, a group of exceptionally talented students is selected for admission to the Professional Theatre Training Program in the Department of Theatre. Each student in the Professional Theatre Training Program participates in an intense curriculum in one of three concentrations (acting, stage management, or technical production) for three years. Each curriculum is carefully designed to provide the skills, abilities, and experiences necessary to begin a successful career in theatre. Students work exclusively within their area in an intensive program of studio classes and production experiences. Each curriculum is skill-oriented, emphasizing rigorous training in the craft areas appropriate to the specialization being pursued. All students in a curricular area participate in the same prescribed program of conservatory classes and continue working with one another throughout the three years of training. Because only one class is enrolled at a time, the faculty is able to focus its full energies on the development of each student. In all three years, students enjoy multiple production opportunities in classic plays as well as in a variety of other theatrical styles and genres. Although graduates find themselves well prepared for employment in many styles and mediums, the Program is specifically designed to train through plays from the classic repertoire and seeks students with a particular commitment to, and appetite for, the acknowledged masterworks of dramatic literature.

Requirements For Admission

Students apply for admission to one of three curricular areas: Acting, Stage Management, or Technical Production. In order to be considered for an audition (Acting) or interview (Stage Management and Technical Production), students must have an undergraduate degree or equivalent theatre experience. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores are not required. A statement of theatre experience equivalency will be submitted by the Department of Theatre to the Office of Graduate and Professional Education for those students who are recommended for admission without an undergraduate degree.

Prior to the audition/interview process, all students submit a program application, acquired from the Theatre Department, along with a resume. Upon receipt of the program application and resume, all students are scheduled for an audition/interview. There is no audition/interview fee. Applicants’ talent and aptitude are evaluated via the audition/interview process conducted in cities throughout the United States.

Once students have completed the audition/interview process as described below, they must submit a University Graduate Application along with the $75 non-refundable application fee in order to be considered for selection into the Program.

Audition Process for Acting: Applicants are requested to prepare two monologues of contrasting mood, one from a modern or contemporary play and one from a classic play in verse. The combined length of the two selections should not exceed four minutes. The audition process is conducted with groups of 10-15 applicants at a time. Each applicant presents her or his prepared selections, and participates in group exercises and improvisations in acting, voice, movement, and speech conducted by members of the acting faculty.

Interview Process for Stage Management and Technical Production: Applicants are required to interview. While an in-person interview is preferable and highly encouraged, a telephone interview is acceptable. Applicants are encouraged to bring to or send in advance of their interview any pertinent materials (e.g., production photographs, production books, renderings, draftings, and/or slides). Such materials can be submitted in digital or hard copy.

Financial Aid

The PTTP offers full fellowships and stipends based on need. Fellowships and stipends are automatically renewed while a student matriculates through the Program as long as the student meets the University’s criteria for maintaining an award.

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