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2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MATH 616 - Modeling in Applied Mathematics (3cr.)

Credit(s): 3
Component: Lecture
Introduction to modeling and analytical techniques used in solving problems arising in a variety of physical settings. Biological modeling. Derivation of the equations of mathematical physics. Solution behavior of nonlinear systems of ODE’s. Use of software to explore solutions to physical systems.
Repeatable for Credit: N Allowed Units: 3 Multiple Term Enrollment: N Grading Basis: Student Option
PREREQ: One semester of advanced calculus. RESTRICTIONS: Undergraduate students must have a B or better in six credits of MATH at the 400 level or 500 level, exclusive of MATH 518  and MATH 540 .
Course Typically Offered: Fall