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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Courses and Credits

Graduate Course Numbering System

Graduate credit may be earned for courses numbered 600 to 699, 700 to 799, 800 to 898, and 900 to 998. Courses numbered 600 to 699 are graduate-level courses open to qualified, advanced undergraduates by permission of the instructor. Courses numbered 500 to 599 are graduate courses for the nonspecialist and may not be counted for graduate credit in the student’s major. With the approval of the student’s major department and the Graduate College, 500-level courses taken outside the student’s major department may be applied toward a graduate degree.

Transfer Of Credits

Credit Earned as a Continuing Education Student at the University Of Delaware

Students who complete graduate credits with the classification of CEND (Continuing Education Nondegree) at the University of Delaware may use a maximum of nine graduate credits earned with this classification toward their graduate degree. The CEND credits, grades, and quality points become a part of the student’s academic record and grade point average. CEND credit can be transferred provided that: (a) the course was at the 600-800 level, (b) the course was taken within the time limit appropriate for the degree, (c) the course was approved by the student’s advisor and the chair of the student’s major department, (d) the course was in accord with the specific degree program as specified by the unit’s Graduate Program Policy Statement and (e) the course was earned with a grade of B. Courses at the 500-level offered by the department in which the student has declared a major shall not be accepted for transfer.

Transfer of Credit from Another Institution

Graduate credit earned at another institution will be evaluated at the written request of the student. Such a request should be directed to the student’s major department using a Request for Transfer of Graduate Credit form. A maximum of nine credits required for the degree will be accepted provided that such credits:

  1. Were earned with a grade of no less than B.
  2. Are approved by the student’s advisor and the chair of the student’s major department.
  3. Are in accord with the specific degree program of the student as specified by the unit’s Graduate Program Policy Statement.
  4. Are not older than five years.
  5. Were completed at an accredited college or university.
  6. Were not courses used to complete a previous or another degree.

The credits, but not the grades or quality points, are transferable to University of Delaware graduate records. Graduate courses counted toward a degree received elsewhere may not be transferred into a program at the University of Delaware. Credits earned at another institution while the student was classified as a continuing education student at that institution are not eligible to be transferred to one’s graduate degree at the University of Delaware. Credits from institutions outside of the United States are generally not transferable to the University of Delaware.

Transfer of Credit from the Undergraduate Division at the University of Delaware

Students who wish to transfer credits from their undergraduate record to their graduate record may transfer a limited number (normally no more than nine) by arranging with the Graduate College to have these courses approved by the graduate program director before the courses are taken. These courses must be at the 600-level, and the student must perform at the graduate level. They must be in excess of the total required for the baccalaureate degree, must have grades of no less than B-, and must not be older than five years. The credits, grades, and quality points will transfer. The number of transfer of credit for students enrolled in 4+1 programs is determined by the program policy document of the 4+1 program.

Credit By Examination

Students enrolled in graduate studies may receive credit by examination for graduate-level courses at the discretion of the appropriate department, division, or college. A student permitted to take such examinations must receive a grade of no less than B- (some programs require the minimum grade of B in specified courses).

Credit For 400-Level Special Problem Course

Some 400-level courses may be completed for graduate credit if the graduate student does additional work. Students must register for the course at the graduate level using the departmental number of 666. For example, a graduate student who attends PSYC 425 and fulfills additional graduate level requirements to earn graduate credit should register for PSYC 666 , not PSYC 425. The student may process a titling form for the 666 numbered course.

Expiration Of Credit

Graduate course credits expire five years after the course has been completed if a student has not maintained continuous registration in their degree program. Students who gap out of a graduate degree program and are subsequently approved to be readmitted to the program will find that courses older than five years will not continue to apply to the degree. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the program and the Office of Graduate and Professional Education.