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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Human Development and Family Sciences

Human Services - Administration and Family Policy Concentration BS Four-Year Plan

First Year
ENGL 110 - Seminar in Composition   HDFS 230 - Families and Their Communities 
HDFS 201 - Life Span Development * HDFS 235 - Survey in Child and Family Services *
HDFS 202 - Diversity and Families * (Satisfies Multicultural Requirement) SOCI 201 - Introduction to Sociology  
MATH 114 - College Mathematics and Statistics   Statistics Option (MATH 201 , MATH 205 , PSYC 209 , or STAT 200 )  
PSYC 100 - General Psychology   Free Elective (1/6)
First Year Seminar   
Credits: 16 Credits: 13
Second Year
HDFS 328 - Introduction to the Research Process * HDFS 334 - Experiential Education * (Satisfies DLE Requirement)
POSC 220 - Introduction to Public Policy  or UAPP 225 - Crafting Public Policy   Developmental Elective (1/2)**
Breadth Requirement (History/Cultural Change)  Restricted Elective (1/6)**
Breadth Requirement (Math/Science/Technology) Breadth Requirement (Leadership Elective)
Free Elective (2/6) Breadth Requirement (Math/Science/Technology) 
Credits: 15 Credits: 15
Third Year
HDFS 347 - Program Development and Evaluation * At-Risk Elective (1/1)**
Human Relationship Elective (1/1)** Restricted Elective (3/6)**
Restricted Elective (2/6)** Restricted Elective (4/6)**
Breadth Requirement (Math/Science/Technology with Lab) Breadth Requirement (Creative Arts/Humanities or Foreign Language)**
Free Elective (3/6) Breadth Requirement (English Elective)
Credits: 16 Credits: 15
Fourth Year
HDFS 402 - Child and Family Policy * HDFS 422 - Capstone in Family Relationships *
Restricted Elective (5/6)** HDFS 470 - Families and Children at Risk *
Restricted Elective (6/6)** Developmental Elective (2/2)**
Breadth Requirement (Communications Elective) Free Elective (5/6)
Free Elective (4/6) Free Elective (6/6)
Credits: 15 Credits: 15
Total Credits: 120
*Minimum grade of C- required. 
**See program plan for approved courses.

Disclaimer: Four-Year Plans are a Departmental suggestion of how a student could complete this degree in four years (eight semesters). Students may opt to take courses in the summer or winter sessions. These plans do not take into account additional requirements brought on by minors or other majors. A Four-Year Plan is subject to change from year-to-year given the resources and focuses of the Department.  It is the student’s responsibility to meet with his or her assigned advisor at least once a semester to monitor progress and ensure that he or she is on track to graduate on time. This document is intended as a supplemental advisement tool to be used in conjunction with in-person advisement and the UDSIS Degree Audit.  Students should direct any questions or concerns regarding degree progress to their advisor or Academic Assistant Dean.