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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition

Health Behavior Science BS Four-Year Plan

First Year
BHAN 155 - Personal Health Management: An Approach for a Lifetime (3cr.)   KAAP 220 - Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology I (3cr.)  
BHAN 160 - Health Behavior Science Seminar (1cr.)   NTDT 200 - Nutrition Concepts (3cr.)  
ENGL 110 - Seminar in Composition (3cr.)   SOCI Elective
MATH 114 - College Mathematics and Statistics (3cr.)  or higher Breadth Requirement (2/2)
Breadth Requirement (1/2) Free Elective (1/5)
First Year Experience  
Credits: 14 Credits: 16
Second Year
BHAN 311 - Issues in Health Behavior Science (3cr.)   BHAN 263 - Leadership Practicum (1 to 3cr.)  (one credit)
STAT 200 - Basic Statistical Practice (3cr.)   BHAN 435 - Physical Activity Behavior (3cr.)  
BISC Elective PSYC 100 - General Psychology (3cr.)  
Social and Behavioral Science Elective  Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Technology Elective
Minor Requirement* Minor Requirement*
  Free Elective (2/5)
Credits: 15 Credits: 16
Third Year
BHAN 326 - Research Methods and Statistics for Behavioral Science (3cr.)   BHAN 335 - Health and Aging (3cr.)  or BHAN 342 - Introduction to Adapted Physical Activity (3cr.)  
BHAN 332 - Health Behavior Theory and Models (3cr.)   BHAN 334 - Health Behavior Assessment (3cr.)  
NTDT 310 - Nutrition and Activity (3cr.)   HLPR 222 - Introduction to Epidemiology (3cr.)  
Minor Requirement* Minor Requirement*
Minor Requirement* Free Elective (3/5)
Credits: 15 Credits: 15
Fourth Year
BHAN 490 - Development of Health Promotion Programs (3cr.)   BHAN 464 - Internship (4 to 9cr.)  (nine credits) (DLE and Capstone)
HLPR 430 - Behavior Change Strategies and Tactics (3cr.)   Free Elective (5/5)
Minor Requirement*  
Multicultural Requirement  
Free Elective (4/5)  
Credits: 16 Credits: 13
Total Credits: 120
* See program plan for approved minors.
Disclaimer: Four-Year Plans are a Departmental suggestion of how a student could complete this degree in four years (eight semesters). Students may opt to take courses in the summer or winter sessions. These plans do not take into account additional requirements brought on by minors or other majors. A Four-Year Plan is subject to change from year-to-year given the resources and focuses of the Department. This document is not intended to replace advising. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with his or her assigned advisor at least once a semester to monitor progress and ensure that he or she is on track to graduate on time. Students can also utilize the Degree Audit in UDSIS to monitor their progress.